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  Splash Custom Auto Refinishing takes the same care in our custom auto painting and refinishing as we do in all other services. All work is top quality, and fully guaranteed. Whether you need painting for maintenance work, or a complete color change, you can be assured of superior workmanship.

We are proud to be a DuPont Certified Commercial Refinisher, meeting and exceeding DuPont's high standards.

    Safety and Shop Conditions
    A clean, efficient and orderly workplace using water borne paints incites the highest level of work from our staff. Our comfortable, environmentally friendly shop demonstrates our commitment to excellence, the environment and the health of our employees.

    Paint equipment
    We use top of the line Downdraft Equipment for even application. It allows for less waste, meaning more paint on the vehicle. More paint on the vehicle gives maximum durability.  This green approach using water borne paints is better for the environment than the products we had to use in the past.

    Paint Products
    We use high quality DuPont Performance Coatings. These offer a clean, properly cured finish for good adhesion and long life.  All DuPont paints come with a quality assurance warranty, meeting government VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) standards.  These water borne paints are rated for Air Quality and for Meeting the Industry Standards. Please see our section on paints

    Please visit our Project Gallery and see what a quality car finisher can do.



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